BruCon 2019 day 2

The second day of BruCon had arrived. We tried waking up early yet again, resulting in us being not that fresh as the previous day, but that’s okay. Events like this are not everyday, especially not when you have a free ticket 🙂

Today we tried working on some of the CTF’s. The main CTF was quite hard, with only a handful amount of challenges. They were really not obvious and required a lot of skill to solve. Our team found a couple, but not enough to score a spot in the top. There was another CTF happening in the IoT village, which had a lot of easier challenges. Again, we worked on it for some time, but not long enough to really get anywhere. It sucks that these CTF’s happen at the same time as the other talks, so you cannot devote all your time on it without missing out on the event.

This year’s edition unlike the previous one was only 2 days long, but each day was packed full of content. We never not knew what to do. It was a bit unfortunate that our free ticket did not include access to any of the workshops, since a lot of them were about really interesting topics. But you cannot have everything in this world, and have to be happy with what you are given. Which we definitely were.

Me and my friend playing retro games