BruCon 2019 day 1

Like last year, me and my team managed to win free tickets to the security conference BruCon. So, when thursday 10th arrived, we headed out to Ghent to attend the 11th edition of this event.

The day started early, with breakfast beginning at 8:30 AM. We of course did not want to miss out on anything, so we woke up as early as humanly possible to take the train from Bruges to Ghent. A tram took us from the station to the aula.

This year’s badge was yet again really creative. It is similar to the badges they hand out at an event like DEF con, which is cool. It had WiFi-connectivity and the display showed things like the map of the area, the schedule of the event (when and where speakers came).

As always, many sponsors were present in the main lobby, with lots of goodies to give away. I managed to score things like stickers, USB sticks, pens, …

We saw a lot of teachers from our school, including Tijl Deneut, who gave a talk at the IoT village.

Tijl Deneut on ICS security